Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Here's the TEAM...

Well, leadership weekend 2009 was a blast and girls we have a stacked leadership team this year! Trish and I laughed so hard this weekend with so many memories, cheers, and new nicknames for some new folks on leadership! We planned the parties for the summer, which side note are going to be OUT OF SIGHT! (who says out of sight anymore...random!). Summer is so close...Woohoo!!!

Kanakuk Ashley


seriouslymere said...

the guys on the front are RIDICULOUS...and why didn't anyone tell me i was blocking steph while she was probably falling into the cave hole?!

so excited for this summer to serve alongside this team!!

Pauline said...

Jonathan sported his Kanakuk shirt today! He was in it about 30 seconds after he woke up. He was super excited about wearing the new shirt from Aunt Ashley! Your team looks awesome!

Chloe said...

70 days :)