Friday, June 26, 2009

June 24, Term 1 is done...

Hey Parents,
Well I'm not even sure posting this on June 26th if the parents of Term 1 month and Term 2 2 weekers will still check it but what a term! The awards night was a blast! The weather was...umm...a little warm but it was so fun to see all of you hear to be with your kiddos! I pray you have had such sweet time as you drove home and now sitting at the breakfast nook with your daughter to hear all the fun memories and all the Lord did in her heart. Oh, that's my prayer for you as moms and dads!

Today I have had several emails about how busy summer is from parents and friends of mine that aren't connected to Kamp. I simply wanted to encourage you as parents to make summer a slow time for your teen. I know that is easy for me to say as I don't have teens or maybe don't understand. But I do understand this. I meet with a lot of girls who are exhausted! They are straight A's, have a camp every week to stay in shape for their sport, and are involved with everything under the sun. A lot of times the pressure to be all to everyone is from themselves. So as parents and I hope and pray you fight for your child to rest...for them to be 15, 16 or whatever teen age they are. They don't have to have the perfect resume at 14 to get into the perfect college. (this is not a post to allow your kiddo to lazily live life either so I pray you hear my heart through my typing). Play with them...go canon ball in the pool...go to the mall and get matching 80's scrunchies...invite her friends over for a fun pink pajama movie night (pink lipstick, pink pjs, and Pretty in Pink movie...go hiking...just play and make memories with your daughter!

I hope the memories she has from K2 this summer are of laughter, joy, growth, and of a sense of refuge for 13 or 25 days! We loved 'em!

Window to their World,
Kanakuk Ashley Robbins

p.s. I do the blog through the year (like every 2 or 3 days) with fun articles, videos, and sometimes parents focused stuff. So keep checking back!

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