Saturday, June 27, 2009

June 27...

Hey Moms and Dads,
Here is the run down of the day. The first couple of days are nuts for me so I am sorry I am late in getting this up to you...

Verse: Ephesians 2:8-9: "For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith - and this not from yourselves, it is a gift of God, not by works so that no man can boast."

Morning/Afternoon: The Higher Ground schedule continues. Really this morning was our first full morning and afternoon of classes. The first 2 days are so full that it's nice to have a normal day. I am not sure if any of you get "mom, come get me" letters in the first week...give it time! Don't panic! The first few days in any new place, or old place, can be hard as you get to know new people. Remember God has specific purpose in bringing each kamper here and it was no mistake that you signed them up for this...that purpose might be shown to your sweet daughter in a few days or a few years...but we know there is a purpose each gal is here! What a promise!

Night: K-LIFE TONIGHT: Well, my awesome husband spoke tonight, Shay Robbins ( He has a blog for K2 guys, but really only blogs in the summer every once in a while). He spoke about Revelation 21 and a little of 22. I love how God shows us such awesome details of Heaven, our prize and goal. Shay really had a heart to inspire to live as Paul who pressed on towards the prize which God had called him heavenward. I sum up the talk by saying, "I hope we all as passionate sold out followers of Christ put on our heaven goggles every day." Do we live in light of eternity, with an eternal perspective? How differently would life look if we truly strived for that each day!

Sure hope you are having a great time with an empty nest, full house minus 1 (your daughter), or vacationing, or just hanging at home checking this blog! Thanks for any prayers! So blessed that you have entrusted your daughters to us!

Window to their World,
Kanakuk Ashley Robbins

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