Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Hey Moms and Dads,
Well, you all get to be my audience in the summer since kampers are at K2. So each day or most realistically every other day I will have some great pics/videos/stories/details of all things K2 girls side so you can know what's going on. You will know the verse of the day and what the K-Life message is on! It's going to be a blast! I hope you like checking out http://www.kanakukashley.com/ each day!

Okay, so June 1st! Our opening day was a blast! We had each kamper walk out on stage in our K-dome and then got embraced by 50 crazy, super fun counselors! It was a blast! K2 is totally embracing (even our Guy staff...hysterical!) the Hannah Montana Hoe-down from her movie. Joe White wanted our staff to learn the really fun dance from the movie and it is quite a sight to see the huge football counselors singing/dancing right along to Miley Cyrus!

Window to their world,
Kanakuk Ashley Robbins

Picture: This is from our opening night K-Life. We leave the doors close until all the kids are waiting outside and then we turn up the music and everyone floods in! It's awesome! This was me with some girls from CABIN 20.


Brittany said...

Oh goodness! I love the throwdown hoedown!

Anonymous said...

i wish i was there!!!!!!

Unknown said...

i can't wait to come to kamp!!!