Friday, August 7, 2009

August 7...

Hey Kanakuk Moms and Dads,
Once again we woke to a beautiful morning in Lampe, MO. Praise Jesus! Well, it's a somewhat crazy day for K2. We have cabin 19 & 20 girls headed out all day for their special trip called "SuperDeal." It's for our oldest month cabin of gals! It's a thank you for being such loyal kampers for so many years. We also have a special afternoon/night planned for UnReal Deal which is cabin 14, our oldest 13 dayers. We give them an extra ski kamp (time on the dock to ski, tube, wakeboard, jetski, etc) and grill steaks and a yummy special meal...with Blue Bell special ice cream. Again just a little thank you for being awesome kanakuk kids!

Verse: John 8:31: "To the Jews who had believed Him, Jesus said, 'If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciple." 

Morning/Afternoon: We are a little tight on the schedule with our staff but we have a fun pool party planned and some cabin bonding to have all 6 periods of classes today! I am actually on time off from K2 but I am sure the girls are having a blast!

Night: KANAKOMO PAJAMA PARTY! Tonight is one of my fav nights (I'm sad I won't be there!). The girls can wear their pj's (appropriate K2 rated ones) to dinner and then after dinner the girls pile into the girls gym for a classic disney movie. I think we are watching Mulan, Beauty and the Beast, or The Little Mermaid! I'm 28 and I love these movies! They can bring their pillows and blankets (we have the AC on for them!). We also pop popcorn and put m&m's in there with the popcorn. We also make a special pink drink (sprite, pink lemonade and cherries!). It's just a girlie night! 

Window to their World,
Kanakuk Ashley Robbins

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