Monday, October 12, 2009

Humbled & Blessed...

Hey Kanakuk-ers,
Well, this morning I am so humbled and so very blessed! I sit here with a podcast playing of a sermon from Watermark Church, Rick's Bakery cookies (bakery in Fayetteville, AR), organization binders for Kanakuk Movie Tour (which starts this week), a belly moving from a little one growing, and pictures of a humbling day where I (and baby Robbins) felt so special and valued.

I wanted to remind each of you today that you are so special and valued. I was reminded this weekend with the baby shower of the AMAZING community here in silly Branson, MO. I pray that each of you have community that uplifts you and encourages you in being a young woman of the Lord, community that makes you laugh, and community that walks through trenches with you too. I hope, even if you don't, even if things feel lonely for you, that you know God is ENOUGH. He loves you and values you so much. I am teaching a Kay Arthur study to my 7th/8th grade small group about the names of God. We have learned 3 names thus far and I don't know if my small group girls are learning anything...but it is knocking me to my knees and face! We have learned: Elohim (Creator, John 9:2-3), El Elyon (Most High, He is Sovereign), and El Roi (God who Sees, Proverbs 15:3). Girls, God loves you and made you for his mighty works, He's in charge even when things are lonely or spinning out of control, and He sees all. So thankful for the many names of God.

Be awesome & love Jesus,

Here are some pics from the shower:

These are my sweet friends that hosted the little munchkin shower for me...The one on the far left should look familiar...

My friend Jane (please check out her site: Click HERE) did the decor and it was precious! She made the onesies and burp cloths.

K2 Holler! I think some of the other K2 girls had left but here is Brooke Roberts and Casie Hilton! 2 Awesome K2 Leadership gals! They are both doing the Kanakuk Institute this year.

A sweet Kamp family came in for the shower and got Baby Robbins her Baby Einstein jumper! Woohoo! Our daughter will be smart...right?

These cupcakes were made by Rachel (K-Kountry director) and they were delish! The white icing was a pumpkin spice cupcake with like cream cheese icing...ya'll seriously, yum-my!

Shout out to Term 1 Staff from 2009...this is what you all got me. I love it and can't wait for her to be in the B.O.B stroller as we walk and jog together! (I wondered for quite some time why it was called a BOB stroller but my friend revealed it probably means Baby On Board...I'm a blonde!)

Shout out to Term 3 staff from 2009...Thanks for the pack and play. I love it!!!!!! This is the print I picked out to be neutral for the many kids that Shay Robbins wants to have.

My friend Rachel (also made the cupcakes) made me a blanket that in the corner had this little patch and when I have the baby she will sew a little circle on it. PRESH!

This is one of my fav outfits I've gotten. It's from a dear Kamp family in KC and it is just too cute!

Okay, I'm realizing most of my friends are THE craftiest people in the world. My friend Stephanie made a prayer box for her room. Here is the inside of the box. She makes labels with subjects on them and then what God's Word says on that topic. This will be so awesome on the late night feeding times with our precious girl!


seriouslymere said...

1) miss you and seeing your little belly grow!
2) i need to come visit branson soon to see all you k2 folks...and maybe catch some crazy thoughts from Taj (brooke)
3) i love the prayer box!
4) so glad you're loving the names of God book by kay...did that with my small group last year and think it probably hit me harder than them. gotta love that, beloved! : )
5) it's getting closer and closer to time! agh! i'm excited!!!

Unknown said...

Where the name BOB came from:

Meredith Looney said...

umm that prayer box, i want it. absolutely adorable. you're almost a mommy, ashley!!! congrats congrats congrats!!