Monday, January 25, 2010

Mom as your BFFAEAEAE...

A best friend is so rare and so valuable these days. I remember through the years having only a small handful of best friends. I had an elementary school best friend...then I had a high school best friend...then a college best lots of kamp best friends. But today I wanted to remind you of the most tried and true best friend you will ever have...YOUR MOM. Mom's are the best, not perfect, but so the best! Here are 5 things that make Mom's the optimal best friend:
1. Moms always wait up for you or stay up with you, no matter how tired they are. (*When you are a baby, they are up with you. When you are a teen, they are up waiting for you.)
2. Moms leave you little messages in your lunch for school.
3. Moms truly truly do want the best for you...even if they can't quite communicate that the way you want them to.
4. Moms always make you soup and bring you coloring books when you are sick, sad, or heartbroken. (Again note, this was my mother you can sub in what you like and what your mom does)
5. Moms are the best accountability because they know everything about you.

Okay, so this is not an exhaustive list, just a fun one that I came up with on the fly. What do you love about your mom? Go hug your momma's neck and curl up on the couch and ask your mom questions about her growing up years...and actually be interested!

p.s. For those reading this that have lost their moms or don't have ones that love them as they should, first of all, I'm so sorry. Please know that the Lord's love is more than enough and I would guess their are days that you ache to say "mom" but please know that I pray that their are women/friends around you who fill that void with an overflowing love that bursting out of you! I would love to hear from you about how the Lord has supplied a person to fill that void in your heart.

Be awesome & Love Jesus,

Kanakuk Ashley Robbins

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