Monday, January 4, 2010

Oh blogging, how I have missed you...

Hey there K2 kampers/parents/friends/staff,
Well, I'm back! Mommy-hood is in full effect and girls, I am lovin' it! Lulu is sweetly asleep beside me right now and she is all bundled up because Branson got like 5 inches of snow. Shay and I drove into the office and we are loving the winter wonderland we have here.

So now that December is over and January begins all that Trish, Joe, DJ, Don, Shay and I start thinking about is YOU and Kanakuk K2 Summer 2010! Oh, I do hope each of you are coming back. You can leave a comment to let me know if you are or aren't. It's going to be such an awesome summer...not because Kanakuk but because the Lord has made K2 such a refuge and that is a great thing friends.

Okay, so start checking the blog regularly again...cuz I'm back (I just had the Backstreet boys song go through my head...weird)

By grace,

Kanakuk Ashley Robbins


Unknown said...

Hey Ash! I sure hope & pray morethan anything that you will be seeing me this summer! I applied to be a counselor at K2 and am anxiously awaiting a notification of some sort to know that I have been blessedly chosen!
Awaiting in prayer,
Reggie Critch

seriouslymere said...

ashley's back...alright! (sung to the "backstreet's back" tune of course...embrace your inner boyband love. embrace it. i sure do!)
hopefully will see you sometime this week throughout all the klife conference stuff!

Kristina the Kickapoo said...

hey girl hey! :) little lulu is so sweet looking! i think she looks like shay :) i don't know if i'm coming back this summer (eek!) but i hope so, because maddie weinstein is my kamp gal and i refuse to be seperated from her an entire summer :) praying for you everyday ash! love you girl!

Anonymous said...

Hey ashley! Im from K2 term 5! im a triathlete baby and i can not WAIT to get back with you and shay! so glad to see your precious baby! Can't wait to meet sweet lulu in person!!
love you!
-sara levens