Friday, February 5, 2010

Just a Friday Night for a KANAKUK Family...

Hey Kanakuk Friends...K2 and any others!
Well, it's Friday night...we started hiring staff today! Goodness, I'm in awe of the place I get to work and the women I am surrounded with...especially my boss, Trish Helsel is just by far the best director, boss, friend, mentor, and teammate ever!! I am thankful the Lord has called her to Kanakuk as the Women's Executive Director. Anyways, we started going through hundreds of applications and are in awe of the willing hearts to work for some crazy place called Kanakuk.

Moving on to the fact that I have a Star Wars the moment our little girl is laying between us and we are watching Star Wars. I have no idea which one, oh, Shay just told's the 2nd one. Anyways, I don't really get the whole craze and am pretty confused on all the characters but it's a blessed night in our home. We are together, warm, fed, and lovin' life. Sure miss Kamp...can't wait to be back at K2.

p.s. does anyone else wake up with hunger pains for blueberry fluff??? Deeee-lish!!! Can't wait to have that yummy stuff in my mouth again!

Be awesome & love Jesus,

Kanakuk Ashley Robbins

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jennaferwhite said...

blueberry fluff? yes please!!!!! :)