Saturday, June 26, 2010

June 26...

Hey Kanakuk Term 2/Term 3 Parents,
Well, today has been jam packed with crazy fun! Here is the scoop of the day!

Women of the Bible Study: Each day I will list the "woman" we study. This morning we explained the devo time but will start the actual study tomorrow.
Verse: Again...see above explanation :)

Morning: We had major cabin time this morning. We had the girls head all over kamp to do waterslides, pool, crazy volleyball game, mind/smarts game, cabin picture, buy Kanakuk clothing/store...I mean a lot was going on! It was so fun!

Afternoon: We had our first day of Higher Ground. Higher Ground is the 1st 5 days of the 25 day term. So the 13 dayers pick a specialty and stick with it for all 13 days (exception: If they pick K-Equip which is our leadership training specialty with Joe and DJ White) and our 25 dayers can pick one specialty for Higher Ground and then another for the "20 Day schedule." It all works together for our 13 and 25 day kampers so please don't think it separates. All our kampers are together at each of their specialties! So we had periods 4 & 5 today. We didn't have 6th period b/c we have a Party tonight and on Party days we don't have 6th period!

Night: HOEDOWN SHOWDOWN! Woohoo! I love Country parties! They are such a blast at K2! Everyone dresses up b/c it's an easy costume night and we just dance like a real country line dance. Joe White comes out as John Wayne...It's awesome! He does some REAL, legit line "bow to your partner, no doe-see-doe..." It's like for real! The kampers love it!

I'll have pics up tomorrow for the 26th!!

Window to the K2 World,

Kanakuk Ashley Robbins /

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