Tuesday, June 29, 2010

June 27...

Hey Kanakuk Term 2/2A Parents,
Well, it's June 27th and some of you checking out the blog are new to K2! Welcome Parents and Friends! Here is the snapshot of the K2 girls' side! Enjoy!

Women of the Bible Study: It's Sunday...the girls have their own quiet time on Sunday.
Verse: See above

Morning: We slept in, had optional breakfast buffet of coffee cake and had an awesome morning at church. Our K2 Kampers LOVE Sundays...probably because they can sleep in till 9:45 am if they want! It's awesome!

Afternoon: We had our Sunday Funday! We had the slip-n-slide and waterslides open, sno cones, basketball tournament, washers tournament, Saved by the Bell going in the girls gym, and a sand volleyball tournament! It was a blast!

Night: K-LIFE TONIGHT! Don Ford, president of AfterDark and Pure Excitement, spoke on God's Love being the best of the best...he had a great analogy with food. He would pull out a delicious burger which the kids would be excited about but then he would say but why have a burger when you could have a filet mignon (not sure of my spelling??). The kids would go nuts as Don would take a bite! It was such a great visual of God's love being the BEST!

Well there is the day in a nutshell. Cabins 17 and 18 girls headed to K-Wild today (K-Wild is a "trip" the girls go caving, climbing, rapelling, and all kinds of fun stuff. it's a great time of cabin bonding and just a different look of Kamp).

Window to the K2 World,

Kanakuk Ashley Robbins / ashley@kanakuk.com

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