Tuesday, June 29, 2010

June 29...

Hey Kanakuk Term 2/2A(3),
Today is another beautiful morning at K2! We have a normal Higher Ground day today.

Women of the Bible Study: Lydia / Acts 16:6-15
Verse: Matthew 28:19-20

Morning: Normal morning of Higher Ground classes.

Afternoon: Normal afternoon of Higher Ground classes.

Night: K-LIFE TONIGHT! Tonight your kiddos get to hear from Dr. Joe White with his Creation talk. Please pray for clear weather so that Joe can do his talk on the upper fields under millions of beautiful stars as a great visual that God is the creator of all things! It's a phenomenal message and it's one of the kids favorites!

Cabin 15 and 16 girls returned from K-Wild this morning and Cabin 10 girls headed out this morning to K-Wet. K-Wet is our trip with all things water...skiing, jet skis, tubing, and more! The girls love K-Wet and it also has this awesome challenge course that really bonds them as a cabin! It's a slower pace than K2 and so the girls get tons of great friend time!

Window to the K2 World,

Kanakuk Ashley Robbins / ashley@kanakuk.com

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