Monday, June 7, 2010

June 7...

Hey Kanakuk Term 1 Parents/And all others,
Well, June 7th was our 1st rainy day of summer 2010. Our kampers tend to love rainy days as teenagers love to relax, hang with their friends, and just be teenagers. We had a great morning. This term is really amazing me to be honest. I don't know if it's from having a child or what but I feel like it has slowed me down. Now before you think we aren't the high pace, crazy K2 Kanakuk kamp...we still are. It's slowed me down in the sense of seeing people above task...knowing that kamp is under God's hand and He makes this place run, not's daily seeing 15 year old girls being 15 year old girls and not having to act 27 years old. The smiles without loads of makeup, the see of tribal paint on their faces of pure fun. The tshirts every day instead of having to look a certain way. I just love what Kamp's a refuge for the teenagers of America and I love that. (sorry for the random soap box! just feeling really blessed today) Here is the rundown of the day:

Women of the Bible Study: (sorry for "her name") The Bleeding Woman (I know it's not a good "name") / Mark 5:25-34
Verse: Matthew 17:20

Morning: Rainy Day Funday! We had our "yacht club" day. All the kampers/staff went back and got on silly "yacht" costumes and then we had stations: Family Feud, Bingo/PingPong/Shuffleboard/Cards, and PIT (it's like the game where you have to get 7 cards of wheat and the center of the game is like a stockmarket floor...lifesize not boardgame).

Afternoon: Today was the start of truly normal schedule for K2. Higher Ground ended yesterday so every kamper now has their own individualized schedule with classes they picked. So each class has kampers from other kabins (girls classes are all girls...we don't have co-ed classes except TriAthlete - side note that is the specialty my hubby and I run together). So we had our 4th-6th period classes today and hopefully all your daughters like their schedules and are getting to do some really cool stuff.

Night: K-LIFE TONIGHT!!! The most amazing man, husband, father, and speaker is speaking tonight. Who you might ask?? SHAY ROBBINS! My husband is bringing the Word tonight on apologetics. He is so very smart, but yet relates it to a teenage level. He is awesome!

Side Note: I totally forgot to mention that during our term there are "trips" that leave to go to K-Wet and K-Wild. K-Wet is just down the road and they get to do every water activity all day and K-Wild is at a cave where they hike, climb, rapel, and have a blast in the good 'ole outdoors. All our trips are optional except for 25Day girls K-Wet trip (it's a favorite so the girls all want to go). Exception to that is if a 10 of the 11 girls in a cabin want to go on a trip we can't just have 1 girl stay back so she joins them. She always comes back having loved that she went. But if there are 9 of 11 girls that want to go then those 9 go and the 2 that didn't want to don't have too...hope that all makes sense. The trips are so GREAT for cabin bonding and just getting to know new friends. It's awesome! So some of your daughters might talk about K-Wet and K-Wild and now you can totally know what that means! Woohoo for translation of kamp lingo!

Window to the K2 World,

Kanakuk Ashley Robbins /

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Anonymous said...

i love your blog & really love you! praying for you, the staff & all the precious little girls hearts. ~teale dvornik