Tuesday, July 20, 2010

July 20...

Hey Kanakuk Term 3/5 Parents and Friends,
Well, day 2 is always a bit hectic as we cram a bunch into one morning...our kamp guidelines, cabin pictures, getting kanakuk stuff at the store, swim test, and just some fun cabin bonding! So it's always a really fun morning to say the least. Here is the scoop on the day...

Women of the Bible Study: We start the devo book tomorrow...
Verse: See above.

Morning: We went through the routine of most mornings to tell the kampers what to expect, talked about the devo book, had honor condo (we clean our cabins each morning), and then headed to our big event activity. We have swim test, pictures, and clothing (the kanakuk store is open and they can buy stuff) and then they have all these fun games that they play as a cabin.

Afternoon: This afternoon we start 5 days of Higher Ground. Higher Ground is the 1st 5 days of kamp that kids can do some other specialties besides our typical 7. We have scuba, fin & feather, cheer, sea & ski, and K-Equip. So it's a way to have 2 specialities for our 25 day kampers and a way for our 13 dayers to get to do K-Equip (which is our leadership development program that Joe White does). Along with those 5 we have our typical ones (bball, vball, fitnut, all around, soccer, tennis, triathlete, and...umm...am i forgetting one? pregnancy moment! haha!).

Night: HOEDOWN SHOWDOWN/Opening Night of Tribals. We do our 1/2 party tonight so we all deck out in country gear and Joe White even does the line dance callin'! It's awesome! I think tonight for this term only Joe will be coming in on a real horse and saving his lady, Debbie Jo from the evil cowboys! It should be awesome! Then after some eatin' and dancin' the kids go down to the tribal ring for our opening night of Tribals (all the girls will be placed in a tribe if they don't have one...Kickapoos are yellow and blue and Kiowas are red and white). It's just a jam packed day of fun!

Hope you all aren't missing them too much and please know that we are so very thankful for you entrusting your precious daughters to us. Comment or email me if you need anything!

Window to the K2 World,

Kanakuk Ashley Robbins / ashley@kanakuk.com

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