Thursday, July 29, 2010

July 29...

Hey Kanakuk Term 3/5 Parents,

Well, term 5 parents you might already be on your way to K2 for closing ceremonies. I can't believe 2 weeks has already flown by! At the bottom of this email you will find some details for closing ceremonies...

Women of the Bible Study: Ruth / Ruth 2:2-6
Verse: James 4:10

Morning: This morning the girls start Karnival practice. It is hard work but they love the end result which is putting on an old school carnival for the guys side of kamp. The Kiowas and Kickapoos have banners, games, and a huge big dance to perform and it all goes towards tribal competition. It's tons of fun!

Afternoon: Well, we will be packing (for Term 5 kampers) during 4th period and 25 day girls will get an extended FOB and then 5th and 6th period we have our last day of specialties for Term 5 kampers. Crazy!

Night: K-LIFE TONIGHT! Dr. Joe White will be speaking tonight...I must admit I'm not sure what his message is on tonight but I'm totally confident it will be a message from the Lord and prayerfully rest upon softened hearts...

Window to the K2 World,

Kanakuk Ashley Robbins /

Term 5 Closing Ceremony Details:

JULY 30:
8:30 pm - Family Vespers with Dr. Joe White - This is you getting a chance to see your daughters and be reunited. Joe will share from his heart about this term and encourage you as a family. It's such an awesome time. We will show the Term 5 video and then you are off for the night. That's all for the night. You can either come back the next morning for your daughter or you can check her out this night. The big ceremony for Term 5 is the next morning (see below).

JULY 31:
7:00 am - The girls are up and finishing packing/cleaning before you arrive.
8:00 am - You arrive and we have a wonderful breakfast ready for you in our K2 K-dome (basketball courts)
8:30 am - We have our big 13 Day awards ceremony where we recognize winners of specialties, activities and heart awards (I'm 3rd, Servant Leadership, Victor's Crown, etc)
9:30 am - BYE BYE...or as I like to say...See ya NEXT YEAR!

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