Sunday, July 4, 2010

July 4...

Hey Kanakuk Term 2/2A Parents,
Well, today is my 2nd favorite holiday! JULY 4TH! I love Independence Day! Today was Sunday (I love that I type that like it's major news...It's Sunday! :) and on Sundays the kampers sleep in, have a breakfast buffet of coffee cake, it was "I'm 3rd" Sunday, extended hang time in the cabin, Chillax day (more below on this), and a Party night! Could this day be anymore unbelieveable!

Women of the Bible Study: On Sunday we let the girls do their own quiet time.
Verse: See above.

Morning: Sleep in. Optional breakfast from 9 am - 10 am. Church with Joe White. FCA Huddle groups: this is when the counselors get a "small group" time to talk about the message brought that Sunday. Lunch...

Afternoon: FOB (stands for Flat on Back, but the kids don't have to be laying there. They get to hang in their cabins, write letters, play games, laugh, just whatever). CHILLAX DAY. This is a fav day at K2. We have trams (people movers) from the dock to the pool so that the day is "totally chillax." Chillax is a combination of chill and relax! So fun! We have a floating dock in our lake that kids can float out to in life jackets to get coke (pop or soda, whichever you call it) and then at the pool we have fresh fruit, sno cones, and also our slip-n-slide open. It's an amazing day!

Night: COLOR CATASTROPHE! Tonight is our party night. The Robbins' fam missed this party last term so I'm not totally sure the details...I think they have some awesome games and then a dance party. Tonight is a bit different because we have our big Lampe Fireworks show. All 3 of the Lampe Kanakuk Kamps get together for a HUGE, like 30 minute fireworks show. It's incredible!

I hope that you all are celebrating AMERICA and not missing your precious daughters too much! We again can't say thanks enough! It's just been an incredible summer that humbles Shay and I so very much that this is our job! Wow!

Oh, yeah, trips today that are out are cabins 13 and 14 headed out to K-Wild (read back on some of my posts if you aren't sure what K-Wild is) and Cabins 15 and 16 are on their 2nd night at K-Wet. I'm sure having a ball!

Window to the K2 World,

Kanakuk Ashley Robbins /

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