Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Are you the "X" Factor in Drama...

Hey K2 Kanakuk Gals,
Drama, drama, drama...you hate it but yet you always seem to be involved in it. I am always a bit baffled when I get to hang with you girls in the summer by the drama that is in your world and although I hear things like..."Ugg, I hate drama." "I stay away from drama." "Drama is just stupid." It's interesting because you all seem to be the x-factor in hating drama with your words but ALWAYS being right up in the middle of it!

So I might be stepping on toes, which I really can't because it's just a blog, I mean, I have no real way to really step on your toes, but I'm going to type anyways. I want each of your girls (or maybe mom's too) to think through life, your friendships, your conversations...do you create, stir, or add to drama in the world? I think drama is just another word for gossip, being a part of something that you have no business being a part of, or wanting to be a soap opera star but you aren't on Days of Our Lives. So take a step back and honestly think through what you are texting...is it stirring drama because that girl danced one dance with the boy you liked at Homecoming...that is drama and you are starting it. So...take a step back and if you are the x-factor or any factor in the drama start asking yourself why? And how you can truly truly step out of it in your world...surprise, it might mean a drastic decline in the number of texts you send due to all of yours being gossip...so after stopping them your parents might have more money in the bank!

Adore all of you...even your drama...but walk away...it's not a compliment when people call you a drama queen. I promise! :)

Be Awesome & Love Jesus,

Kanakuk Ashley Robbins / ashley@kanakuk.com
Photo: google.com / Search "drama queen sign"


Kayla Cox said...

ashley this is exactly what i needed to hear today!!! this spoke straight to me!!! thank you for putting this up!

Ashley said...

ash- GREAT post :) took a LOOOONG time for me to realize these things... "drama" IS gossip. and it's often hidden under being "confrontation" but if we only understood the best way to do that... hmm matthew 18 anyone? thanks for being real :) muchas luvies!