Tuesday, February 1, 2011

MTV Strikes Again...

Hey K2 Kanakuk Gals,
Well, my goodness, just to find a picture of this new show called "Skins" was impossible as I obviously keep this blog "G" rated. I must admit I have not watched this show and quite frankly will not be watching this show. You know that something is way inappropriate when even liberal media is claiming this show is bordering child p*^n#graphy (I don't want to type the word so it won't show up when people look for that word). The Today show commented that advertisers are pulling their markets and ads from the show because of the outrage from parents.

As I researched the show it appears it is underage kiddos doing all things drug, sex, and rock and roll. One of the actors even commented..."well, it's what kids are doing these days." Oh, my, where to even begin with this comment. Girls, please don't buy into this show. Sadly I believe that christian gals feed this craziness. We claim we love Jesus and then we ride the clouds of these shows thinking it's okay because we are just watching them, not doing those things. Friends, don't believe this. Your mind and heart begin to fantasize and become curious with the lies of the world. Again, I can't type too much about this show because the content I don't even want to put in a blog post. Parents, please pull this show from options...blocking MTV all together would be my suggestion...but that's simply my opinion. The media is screaming over-sexualization of our daughters (and sons!). Don't just say "no" to the show...sit down with your precious girl to talk through this. Help them come to the answer with great questions & don't forget to LISTEN...

1. Tell me about the show.
2. What messages do you think the show is trying to convey?
3. When you are done watching the show what have your learned? How are you better?
4. Do you think this show shows true reality?
5. Why do you want to watch it? Popularity?
6. Would you still watch it if your little sister or grandmother was sitting beside you?
7. When you are a mom someday would you want your daughter/son to watch this?
8. What in this show is good for you/your mind/your thoughts/your heart?
9. (if your girl loves Jesus) Does this show instill the messages that God wants in your heart?

I have to wonder as these young actors, money hungry directors, and who cares producers get done shooting for the day and go to bed...as they lay there at night do they really think this is all okay? Maybe they do...that probably scares me the most.

Be Awesome & Love Jesus,

kanakuk ashley robbins / ashley@kanakuk.com

photo: google.com / search "mtv"

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Anonymous said...

Hey Ashley,
I completely agree with the opinions you voiced in this post. I feel like I cannot watch most of the tlevision drected towards my age group, and fin myself watching older programs (pysch, monk, criminal minds).
This post was very inspiratonal because I have been trying to explain to my friends why I do not watch certain shows, and they just cannot understand. I have also recently been struggling with supporting the media and its sex propoganda. I find that sex is a dominant conversation topic among most of my friends.

thanks for writing and inspiring!