Friday, February 11, 2011

What Every Little Girl SHOULD Hear...

Hey K2 Kanakuk Gals,
Well, part 2 of What Every Little Girl Should Hear...and maybe I should even change it to What Every Little Girl Should KNOW. I think we can "hear" it but not allow it to truly get to our hearts because of all the other voices. So know with each message that you should know, rest and just deeply embrace the words.

So Part 1 was to know you are Beautiful! Part 2 from a parent to a daughter (or son) is to know that you are protected. This one is tough to type as some of you reading may have walked through a parent that abused you in some way. First, I am so very sorry. My heart breaks that they hurt you in any way. Second, I want you to know that there is a Heavenly Father who does protect you...even in the midst of hurt and pain. I promise!

As a parent, I want my kids to know I (and the hubby) will protect them. Not overprotectively (well, maybe) but protect them from harm and hurt. I promise to protect them. PERIOD! So girls today know that your parents (prayerfully) do want to protect you and guard your hearts till it's time to let each wing find it's flight...not too soon but not too late. It's a delicate balance...protecting versus letting them "fly." I'm sure most parents reading this pray for that perfect balance. I know I am and will continue to do so.

So girls, today, know that you are protected. Hopefully by your Heavenly Father AND earthly parents but if not then rest and know that God watches over you.
Be Awesome & Love Jesus,

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