Monday, June 6, 2011

June 5...

(#5 picture coming soon)

Hey K2 Kanakuk Term 1 Parents,
Day 2 is  HOT CRAZY DAY! It was awesome! Just to teach you all a new word that the K2 girls side is using...AWCREPIC! It is the total word of AWesome, CRazy and EPIC all put together! It's sweeping kamp! You guys can use it to each other...example: Dad comes in from work to say "hey honey, you are AWCREPIC!" Perfect!

Back to your daughter's world. We had a great day! It was full...very full! We had our "store" day where the kampers get all the kanakuk stuff, clothing, hats and nalgenes they want! Good luck with that bill! :) We also do our swim test, cabin photos and since it was a sunday we had a Sunday Funday activity. Here is the summary.

Devo: We start the girls' side devo book tomorrow morning. Each day is a different book from the new testament. So tomorrow we start with Matthew...

Morning: On Sundays kampers can sleep in and we have an "optional" buffet of coffee cake!!! They can come eat from 8 am to 9 am. We then had church where the BEST HUSBAND, DAD, MAN EVER SPOKE. Who you might ask? MY HUSBAND! Shay Robbins spoke to the kampers about the different kinds of "hearts" they might be walking in with. A heart that is broken with a hard year or loss, a heart that is claiming Jesus but not living it with the way they talk to you all...just all different "heart conditions." It was AWCREPIC! (see how to use it in a sentence! you'll get it!)

Afternoon: We had a "Chillax" afternoon (we like to mix words at k2...that stands for chill and relax in the same word). We opened the pool, had sno cones, fresh cut watermelon, trams to take them from the pool down to the dock, a floating dock of dr. pepper and blobbing going on. It was so much fun! It was pretty hot so most kids were in some type of water! It's such a fun day! I love Sundays at K2 as teenagers these days are so busy! It's crazy. I feel like seniors go into college as a junior with so many hours and the push of sports, grades, no time, and being involved just leaves them tired so I love Sunday being restful!

Night: We had a PARTY & Tribals! We had our Justice League Party and it was such a blast! We hid water bottles that had certain colored water in them all around kamp. Each cabin had to go around and find as many as they could and the cabin that had the most won! I actually never heard last night who won...but it was fun! We then had tribals where all new kampers that don't have a tribe are given one. Joe does an awesome traditional indian dance that is amazing! We then call each new kamper down to get her new tribe...Kiowa (red and white) or Kickapoo (blue and yellow). Hopefully if you have never been to kamp your daughter will write you to let you know which tribe she is in! This has such tradition and legacy to it!

Okay, so there's the day! Most days won't be this long. I am on time off with my family so I might be a bit slow to get back to get the pictures up. Hopefully blogger will fix itself soon...Thanks for understanding!

Window to their World, 

kanakuk ashley robbins

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