Saturday, August 27, 2011

Best Snack Ever...

Hey K2 Kanakuk Friends,
Okay, you may laugh or think I have been living under a rock but I have just discovered the most delicious spread EVA! NUTELLA NUTELLA NUTELLA! I'm bonkers for it! If there was a mini-shovel out there that would fit in the rim of the jar I would be shoveling it down my throat! I am mildly   wildly obsessed. My favorite is on mini pretzels...I mean seriously it's like my favorite dessert. I gotta go get some right now...BRB.

Some might be wondering why this post...continue to wonder?

Be awesome & Love Jesus,

kanakuk ashley robbins


Betsy Bolick said...

I love Nutella! It is my favorite! It is the best on a waffle with bananas in the morning! Love you

seriouslymere said...

nutella on lorna doone shortbread cookies. do it. you won't regret it. or nutella in a tortilla with sliced banans and strawberries. do it. you won't regret it. or a bathtub full of nutella. do it. you won't regret it. : )

Ashley Robbins said...

mere...i am dying laughing at your comment. i have no idea what lorna doone cookies are...must be a cali thing! hehe! update soon!