Friday, September 2, 2011

Coffee Break with...

Hey K2 Kanakuk Friends,
I just love these kind of are mine. Grab your momma, friend, brother, or random person at the grocery store and ask them who would they want to have coffee with?

Side Rule #1: I am not going to put Jesus on the list. There are too many theological thoughts that could come from that.
Side Rule #2: This is for people I could not typically have coffee with. They have passed away, famous, not in my typical realm of hang out and drink coffee.

1. Reese Witherspoon. Wow. I'm starting so deep. She is just precious. I honestly think we would be good friends. She's a mom, I'm a mom. She's blonde, I'm blonde. She has been through this famous life but still seems just good ole southern girls...or at least that's what I want to think. Please don't comment and bust my bubble if that isn't true.(Oh, goodness, if her agent/publicist like sees every time her name is mentioned are they going to flag me as an "obsessive fan?" Just great.)

2. Spike White. I never met him. I hear all the kamp legends speak of Spike, his sayings, his work ethic and just the stories he had.

3. Jackie Kennedy Onassis. Going deeper here. I love her. She is iconic and was married to one of my most favorite presidents.

4. Bethany Hamilton. This one feels a bit in the moment that I just watched her movie and it was awecrepic so I just have her story in my brain. Random!

5. Mosab Hassan Yousef. He is the author of Son of Hamas. It is a book about him growing up muslim and very much in the world of war we are in today. He comes to know Jesus and it is truly a gripping book. If I had coffee with him I would need my husband, best friend Jennifer and google so I could figure out all the stuff he was telling me.

6. Francine Rivers. My two favorite books outside of Scripture is Redeeming Love and the Mark of the Lion Series. CHANGE.YOUR.LIFE.AWESOMENESS. She is an amazing fictional author and I just think it would be so neat to have coffee with her to simply ask about her life.

Runners Up: Steven Spielberg, Hannah from the Bible, my Pappa, Jennifer Aniston, Matt Chandler (and his wife cuz that would be weird if it were just he and I) and some others...sorry that there aren't the typical christian: John Piper, C.S. Lewis, etc...there books take me like 7 years to read b/c every page I have to read 10 times and have the hubs explain to me. So coffee would just make me feel like an idiot, not on their part but b/c they are so Harvard spiritually.

Be awesome & Love Jesus, 

kanakuk ashley robbins

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