Friday, October 21, 2011

One of My Heroes...

Hey K2 Kanakuk Friends,
I could tear up and start laughing uncontrollably as I begin to type this post. Betsy Bolick is the definition of an amazing, Godly, funny, fun, real, humble, sassy, phenomenal woman. I feel so stinkin' humbled to refer to her as a dear friend. I am super selfish when it comes to her friendship as far as someday when she is headling Women of Faith conferences with the likes of Beth Moore, Kay Arthur and Vicki Courtney I want to receive all the recognition of being a friend to THE Betsy Bolick. You think I'm kidding but I tell her often that I just want to be on her Board of Directors someday when her speaking is a full time gig...which brings me to my post...BETSY!

Ya'll she is amazing...goodness, I said this already. I know a lot of you need speakers for church events, discipleship now retreats, women's conferences, etc. PLEASE consider Betsy Bolick! She can speak on anything, anywhere to anyone. Obviously her testimony alone is a story of God's hand and grace and faithfulness. Her story is HIS. She is vulnerable, passionate, funny, authentic and hearts will see Jesus in her. She is working in one of the Carolinas (I promise we are good friends I just get my states confused) but her heart is to be sharing the messages that God continually puts on her heart. She is just an amazing communicator. Once you hear her once you will want her back for like every event...seriously! So please click and check her out. She blogs often and her contact email to set up a speaking engagement is .

So grab your youth pastor and tell him about this gal. You won't regret it as she truly allows hearts to hear Jesus through her messages! Life changing!

p.s. Yes, I am shamelessly plugging her and her ministry...why? BECAUSE I BELIEVE IN HER SO MUCH!

Be awesome & Love Jesus,

kanakuk ashley robbins

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jennaferwhite said...

BETSY BOLICK!!!!!!!! I want a T SHIRT with her FACE on it!!!!!!!!