Saturday, October 15, 2011

Wisdom to Pass Down...

Hey K2 Kanakuk Friends,
Well, I get a lot of questions in the summer about high school and how to do it right or how to go through high school well. So I thought I would simply give you some tidbits from what I learned. Disclaimer: I am still clueless and still a hot mess in need of Jesus! So read and take what you want...

0. the above sign is false. we will have regrets because we are sinners. it's what you do with the regret moments and how you grow from them.

1. A Friday night here and there (or every weekend) kickin' it at home with your 10 year old sister/brother is not the end of the world. Seriously. Make popcorn, make a fort and watch a movie they want to watch.

2. Gossip is just stupid. Don't let it bother you, don't be a part of it, and don't be afraid to stand up to it.

3. Your parents know stuff. Quit treating them like they don't.

4. You are worth more than your looks, your reputation, your body or your moves on the dance floor. You are worth...well, priceless.

5. Don't be afraid to be alone...whether you are social or maybe shy, don't be afraid to get time alone and just sing, pray, be at peace with your thoughts. This actually means no phone, iPad, iPod, iNano, iShuffle or any other contraption with an "i" before it.

6. Go to CHRISTIAN counseling. This one might sound weird. What I mean is that who, out of all of us, doesn't need to be with someone that can ask us deep questions and listen as we talk about ourselves. If it's your mom, great but if not find someone that asks deep questions about you...your heart. And if it happens to be a paid professional...WHO CARES!

7. Be a loyal friend. Friends in high school can change as much as Justin Bieber does in 1 concert. So be loyal. Don't talk about your friends. Don't exclude friends because they aren't cool anymore. Be loyal.

8. Show respect for your parents in front of friends/people. When your parents come to get you don't yell and slam the door close. When your friends ask if you want to come to a party tell them you gotta check with your parents first. When your boyfriend asks to stay out past curfew tell him no because you respect your parents. (then please break up with him...seriously)

9. Having or not having a boyfriend and high school does not predict your dating future for the rest of your life. promise. I married the most awesome, godly, coolest guy in the whole world and in high school I dated 1 guy all 4 years...bubba. So trust me you will be okay.

10. Believe in something. I, obviously, believe that to the our need for a Savior and that Savior being Jesus...but search, dig, go there in your heart of what you really believe and why. I promise there is a Creator and a Father at the end of that journey who made you and loves you.

Okay, well, there are some tidbits...

Be awesome & Love Jesus, 

kanakuk ashley robbins

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