Tuesday, March 6, 2012

October Baby Movie Review...

Hey K2 Kanakuk Friends,
Well, I had shared with you about Hollywood calling and wanting me to screen a movie for the Oscars. Okay, kidding...but seriously I did get to screen a movie (October Baby) in my humble little living room with my hubs. He was in and out of the movie but I was in fully. I must do a disclaimer that there are several scenes, although realistic of the college world, are not something that I support (ex: sort of sleeping innocently over night with a guy and a next morning after partying scene). I DO NOT think these 2 small scenes compromised the amazing integrity of this movie and the amazing message that I think it is hoping to spread.

To me this movie comes down to this point. YOU HAVE VALUE. No matter how life started for you, no matter if you have the best parents, worst parents or no parents...YOU HAVE VALUE. I love the tag line for the movie, "Every life is beautiful." Oh, sweet girls, only if you truly knew that think of how differently the young woman generation would look. The movie by the end had me crying and remembering an interview of a gal (she shared I could share her story) I had 2 years ago who was the baby of a rape situation. Her mom, who was raped, had her and she was this light of Jesus. What if her mom had chosen differently!? I'm so thankful she chose life as I was moved and humbled by her story. This story does the same thing...it moves you and especially as a mom made me realize the tremendous role of the hubs and I in our littles life. To tell them and show them daily that THEIR LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL.

Side point to the movie that also stuck out...forgiveness. It's a big message in the lead character's journey that is really amazing too. We sometimes hold on to so much anger, bitterness and resentment...especially when it comes to our parents or whoever raised us or didn't raise us...you must let go and her character shows that process. It's powerful, for sure!

So March...put it on your calendar and go HERE to see more about this movie. They have all these celebs doing promos for the movie and it's awesome messages!

Be awesome & Love Jesus, 

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