Thursday, November 29, 2012


Hey K2 Kanakuk Friends,
Well, my first post back I am going to post on Taylor Swift. As a young mom (can I still be young...31? I write this blog so I will type yes to that question) I just adore her. I love her outlook on life in interviews (of course I watched her interview with THE Katie Couric who I still wish was back on the Today show...side note of information there) and love her honesty in who she is and how she writes. She is just so very talented.

I blog about her album because the one song I literally think of for the generation of teenage girls that are in K2's gates every year is...drumroll please...We are Never Ever Getting Back Together. Honestly, I know that is somewhat random. But after 12 years of working at K2 and lots and lots of conversations I have come to realize if this anthem of a song became true for most of the boys you gals are dating in high school...well, the world (and you for that matter) would be a better place/person. So my sweet friends, if you are dating a boy that truly doesn't know Jesus, doesn't make you the best person you can be, encourage you in your heart and looks you in the eyes and the only pressure he puts on you is when he gently squeezes your hand after a date and walks away then please go get this CD and sing this song to him.

* Side note: this is meant to be mostly funny and mostly serious depending on if it applies to you. If you are dating a great guy and he is Tim Tebow's younger non-existent brother then go girl, carry on. If not, well, I'll leave interpretation to you. But mostly just laugh at this blog. Thanks.

Be awesome & Love Jesus, 

kanakuk ashley robbins

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