Thursday, February 7, 2013

Overshare...but Why?...

{Kanakuk or myself does not condone alcohol...act like it's apple juice!)
Hey K2 Kanakuk Friends,
Well, I was driving in the Robbins' swagger wagon the other day and realized I wanted to share something very little (I can't remember what it was) with Shay and actually others. It was a random feeling. I thought in that moment...why do I feel like I need to share this?  (Oh, I remember it's this new snack I found at TJ Maxx called Mrs. Mays! So good). Anyways, I thought WHY do I feel this urge to share something so little or anything at all?

I thought about your world...the social media blitz world that you all live in and I kind of shuttered! You sweet girls go to twitter with your heart, you post on facebook your anger and share the deepest bits of your heart or your body with a quick pic on Instagram. If you read this blog one might think I am so anti-social media. I honestly am not. I am anti-"it taking over your life and replacing REAL relationships."

Why do you overshare...why can you not have a conversation face to face with your mom or dad. Why when you are with your girlfriends is everyone on their phone the whole time and not being with each other. It drives me bonkers. The hubs and I put our phones up at home, we leave them in my purse on date nights and when I am with my girlfriends we are chatting a mile a minute! BE WITH PEOPLE. Be present and when that urge hits you to share your hearts, your deepest hurts or angers or fears...turn to the Lord. Call your momma up to your room and snuggle in your twin bed with her. Call your counselor from the summer to just pray with her. Have a real might blow your mind!

Be awesome & Love Jesus, 

kanakuk ashley robbins

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