Saturday, March 9, 2013

Say Hello...


Hey K2 Kanakuk Friends,
I went out the other night with my husband and my best friend and her husband. It was such a fun night! We went to HuHot Grill for dinner and had a wonderful time! We then went to see a show at a theater in Springfield, MO. As I was chatting with my bestie (I don't think 30 year olds can use the word bestie without sounding like I am trying way to hard to stay relevant...oh, lets be honest I'm so over being relevant!) and looked over the crowd and my heart was saddened. You see our seats were the first row in the balcony. Which I believe are the best seats in a theatre. (Side note: seriously which way is the right way to spell theatre...oh our language!) We both looked over the crowd down below and it had to be at least 50% of people were sitting there next to friends, family, husbands and wives, daughters and dads, and yet 50% of the crowd were not talking or just being with their person but thumbing keypads or searching facebook or twitter. It was so so sad. My heart and body wanted to yell here, be present, say hello to your wife, your friend, your grandpa! Say hello!! Ask a question, share a feeling, tell a story or just sit hand in hand people watching making up stories for the people around with them!

So today, go say hello...not through facebook or twitter but to a real life human being. We were made for relationships and our heart will crave them. Don't fill your heart with a phone...fill it with a person!

Be awesome & Love Jesus, 

kanakuk ashley robbins

(The last sentence is not to promote a theological debate...obviously our hearts are full of Jesus but you know what I mean)

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