Sunday, April 7, 2013

Why Tweet?...

Hey K2 Kanakuk Friends,
Okay, I am so not on a soap box of social media...I just recently told our leadership team that I am not anti-twitter I just don't know why I would do it. Why would anyone in this world care about my 140 characters about random basic nothings of my day. It's just so odd...and then the pressure to be funny. Oh, man. I am sweating just typing it...

So I told the team that I just like telling the people I'm with when I think of something I would tweet...but I like just telling them and adding hashtags and all of us laughing. It's way more fun! Then the people I'm with, we connect. We laugh, in person. Anyways, the team had a ball with that and have given me the clear that I would do well on response. I'm not ready...probably never will be.

If I eat my words, then so be it but for now my 140 characters will just be said out loud to my littles most of the day and dear friends.

p.s. i might not be on twitter but kanakuk is and kanakuktrish follow them!

Be awesome & Love Jesus, 

kanakuk ashley robbins

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