Friday, November 8, 2013


Hey K2 Kanakuk Friends,
I mean I love walking to beats just as much as the next mommy of 3 also very pregnant person. I mean I have swag and I can see how headphones helps in the swag department...

My hubs was traveling a few weeks ago for kamp and called and was blown away that literally everyone on college campuses always have headphones on...always. He said athletes, girls, guys...everyone. He laughed saying he felt like a loser b/c he didn't have headphones. We both thought about this later and it didn't sit well...not in a stomach flu kind of way but in a deep in my soul kind of way.

I remember (I won't start talking about how I walked to school in snow with no shoes "back in the day") when I was in college I loved walking through campus and actually saying HI. "Hi" to friends I knew and wait for the shocker, "Hi" to strangers. Not in a stop and talk and get creepy kind of way but in a very normal social interaction way.

I know this is a soap box but I just want to keep fighting the war on real life people interaction. I seriously get nervous with how technology has changed everything that the one area it has really screwed up is the real life connection. I remember just last night wanting to thank a girlfriend for bringing me food while I had a little stomach bug and I thought oh, she loves instagram I bet she would love it if I could tell the world about...WHY? That's not a knock on her. I texted just her and it meant just the same b/c she is my dear friend. But WHY did I have the thought of desiring to share that with people that weren't that makes it more real or tangible or legitimate.

Drop your headphones...walk through your campus or hallways with no earphones and smile at a new face or say hello to a teacher in the hallway between classes. Don't lose humans...

Be awesome & Love Jesus,

kanakuk ashley robbins

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