Friday, December 20, 2013

The "Kid" Christmas Tree...

Hey K2 Kanakuk Friends,
Growing up in my childhood there is such a distinct memory with Christmas...THE KID TREE VS. THE FANCY SCHMANCY FORMAL TREE. I must admit I loved the pretty all white, themed out in gold bows, ornaments and angels tree that my momma did. But people...I LOVED the kid tree. It was all tacky, crazy colored lights (the pic above was just on the internet of a "kid" tree. it's not actually one I had growing up or anyone I know), the old bubble lights my dad is all sentimental on, popsicle snowflakes, bad 1st grade pictures on foam ornaments, handprints that were all smudged, and not an inch of open space when we were done. Hence I loved it...

I now in our home have just 1 tree...just a kid tree. It's white lights are simple and lovely at night but it's surrounded by ornaments that already hold value...not because they have the littles birthdays or perfectly sparkly snowflake but because it's full of memories already of OUR family. Construction paper tree ornaments with stickers, deformed gingerbread men b/c 2 year olds don't know where 3 buttons have to go to make a normal gingerbread ornament, so many ornaments with "2006" on them for the year the hubs and I got married (how did i trick him into that! woohoo!) I'll stick with my "family" tree for now and let's be honest for many, many years to come.

What's your tree like? (If you have a fancy formal tree...rock on! I have nothing against them as my momma still loves a good formal tree! However grandkids have changed her on her's filled again with grandkid ornaments! haha! we won!)

Be awesome & Love Jesus,

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