Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Why Grades aren't Important...

Hey K2 Kanakuk Friends, is what's happening on the screen right now...either all the K2 Kanakuk Kampers/Staff gals are singing the hallelujah chorus or the parents of these said kampers/staff are mean muggin' the screen wishin' they could use a small southern cuss word at me...admit it!

Well, either face hold your little horses or britches...whichever one you have. Hopefully everyone has britches on. The title is only half truth...though maybe more than half. I must admit that I don't think grades are important, well, at least not as important as pressure of parents and world tend to make them. Hear me...I am not validating being lazy, dropping out or not doing your best. I am speaking (well, I guess typing) on the pressure of these little letters in our teens today. It's big. Every summer 95% of my conversations (I love that I can somewhat make up's a big chunk of my convos) consist at somepoint you all sharing about the pressure you feel with grades, school, your resume (what, I didn't even know what a resume was till I was 24...seriously), and ACT/SAT score. And sadly, parents, most of that pressure is coming from you. You sweet gals share that you made a "B" or heaven forbid a "C" and you are feeling so overwhelmed by school. These sweet gals are 15 years old. I guess on behalf of education and anyone else I want to tell you I'm sorry for that pressure.

This post has hit me as I have begun to think of my littles and school, etc. I hear moms talking about preschools, alphabets and writing. And honestly I don't feel the pressure. If little L is the first to do mulitplication, awesome...but if not, who cares. If little B, when she is 17 gets a "C" in Algebra and worked her little tooshy off for that "C." We are going to Andy's to celebrate! I want to see my truly see their giftings and even their "not the best" parts too. I want to equip them in knowing if they did their best, truly their best, then that "B" or "C" is going to get hugs and applause all around. I don't want my kids ever saying things I hear in the summer...
    "My parents expect all "A's." No matter what and I can't do it anymore." 
          "I am overwhelmed and stressed all the time. All I do is study."
                "I have no time for a Bible study or youth group b/c I am doing community service and         studying b/c my parents say I have to get into ____ (fill in the blank)."

I have heard all those many times. From great kids with great parents...but somehow we have begun to place pressure on these letters and our kids are feeling their worth comes from these letters. I know it's a balance of a tight rope moms and dads to encourage our children and challenge them...but keep walking the balance well. Step back from moments when your precious one comes home with his/her first "C." Listen and talk through that. They are worth more than any "report card."

(Disclaimer: I am once again not bashing challenging a child or even grounding a kiddo for an "F" on a homework assisgnment. Take this post for what it is meant to be. A post on simply making sure the priority of grades is in the appropriate spot.)

I am not saying you, teens, shouldn't do your best and study hard/work hard. Please do. But you must too know that someday when we kneel at the Father's feet...I don't think He will say, "Hmm, I see you made a "B-" on your 11th grade Biology quiz? That may play a part in your entering or not?" Just sayin...

Be awesome & Love Jesus,

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