Monday, March 24, 2014

Prom Post...

Hey K2 Kanakuk Friends,
Well I feel like prom is upon us...and by us I mean most of you. Oh my proms. My junior year I sort of was asked (sort of being very much pathetically sort of) by a friend. It was a miserable prom. Not sure he wanted to go but much less with me. Senior year had a great prom. Went with a great friend and had a great time. So why all the pressure? What if you don't get asked? Is it okay to go with a group of girls? My answer...don't know. it's okay. yes.

Oh sweet teenage life...I should do a post on what I wish I could tell my teenage self about PROM. Seems like it would only have 1-2 is not the end of the world if you a) don't go at all. b) do go but go with a bunch of friends. c) go and later when you get your pictures realize you look like a bad glamour shot photo.

Prom begins about now taking up magazine covers and soon for one night the restraraunts in our town will be covered with nervous laughter, glitter explosion and the lingering scent of hairspray. Prom is so fun. Well, it can be so fun. Even as I type I feel my brain a bit all over the place in what exactly my message is with this post...

1. I'm so sorry if you don't get asked. I know that sting. Trust me. I technically asked the guy I went with senior year. I mean I know that sting. Please hear me are not weird. You are beautiful. You are so valuable. You will be okay. I exhale even as I type thinking...when I was there these words didn't make me feel any better. So I guess I will just say...I'm so sorry. (*I also would say...but look I got married to a hottie mchotterson and have 4 beautiful littles...take that PROM!)

2. Please don't do anything stupid on prom b/c of what you have seen in TV, movies or read anywhere. Oh the dreaded thought of prom night in some guys' minds. Sweet girls, please know that Prom is not a memory you want to have about anything other than your dress, your selfies you will take with everyone and the song of the night (our was that one with "we're going to party like it's 1999...that was our year and our jam!). The memory of giving anything away of you...makes my heart beat pick up and makes me want to sign up to be a chaperone at all of y'alls dances. Please...just go to prom and go to a fun friend's house and play board games, drink Fresca (seriously it's so good), and eat pancakes that the mom makes at 2 am. Then go home and before you go to your room go kiss your dad on the cheek.

3. Have fun. I try and never "speak down" to your generation. It's not my heart. It doesn't work. So I'm aware that Prom is important. Don't put crazy expectations on your beau or friend with how he asks you...what happened to just face to face "you wanna go to prom with me?" Make sure you let your parents be involved. Basically Prom in many ways is a pre-runner for your wedding (not to the same guy...most likely) in your parents eyes. So let them take pictures. Take one of you and your daddy. Let your mom zip your dress. Let the moments be sweet. Don't be all over your date. Ew. Be classy with your dance moves. Don't pose with your elbow out and leaned over so much that you look like you are doing your ABC's instead of posing for a picture. Laugh at yourself. Dance silly. Don't let hands during a slow dance go anywhere but your back and hand, again, keep it classy.

There's my pointers and jumbled message...interpret what you will.

Be awesome & Love Jesus,

kanakuk ashley robbins
We have tons of fun dances! KANAKUK!

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Anonymous said...

Haha this is so great. If only I could post this on every wall of my high school or scream it from the rooftops or, better yet, sit you in a chair at my prom and have you share your words of wisdom. Then again, what are you doing on April 5? Haha