Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Why Never Ending Laundry is Good, Really Good, for Me...

Hey Kanakuk Friends,
It's Tuesday...I like Tuesdays. They are slow in our house and filled with snuggles and a choo-choo show and lots of POP cereal. My littles love that stuff. It was also overflowing with LAUNDRY. As I sat with friends and lots of kids this morning for an impromptu play-date I folded laundry...lots of laundry...like 3 baskets full...that had sat there for 2 weeks. Oh the shame...

As I sat down to blog today it's all I could think of...laundry. I honestly don't mind it. We do cloth diapers so it's a part of my every day-and-a-half life. But I chuckled as I pondered laundry because I just kept feeling the message of...laundry is so good for you Ashley. Over and over...

So Why? Why is never ending laundry so so good for me...because I have to see Jesus in the mundane of life. The routine, the scheduled, the cycle of life...where is Jesus there? I think about women on mission in Africa (why is it always Africa...), college students weekend retreats for Passion and more, small business owners that are women who navigate it all...they must see Jesus more in their life. What a joke to the Lord? How I limit Him? Laundry is good for me because as I sit in a quiet house most times folding the 3 basket my soul feels His peace. My heart senses my calling right now and I'm at rest. I breathe deep as I know faithfulness and steadfastness are qualities deepening in my soul during these years. So laundry...I hope it doesn't end...because I see Jesus in each basket.

What feels mundane in your life? Do you believe Jesus is there, even in the small of your life?

* College staff and teenage girls: send this link of a blog post to young moms you babysit for or know...older sisters or your mentor that has young ones. Add a note that you see Jesus in their life...it will literally make their day!

Adventure and Wonder,

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