Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Why Pumpkins are Awesome...

Hey Kanakuk Friends,
I love them...well, except pumpkin pie. I know it's tragic. I love this season. Even now as I type my windows are up and the breeze is gently flowing all throughout our home. (the windows being open could also be because our a/c unit got fried by lightning...what?!). All the same Fall is Upon Us! It's glorious! The trees just up the road from us are my favorite place to drive by during this season in Branson, USA.

So continue to read or not but I love pumpkins and you should too for these reasons...
1. You can carve them...and that slows down your family to sit and laugh and throw pumpkin guts at each other and laugh more.
2. You can eat them in anything...pie, drinks, casseroles, and anything else, I'm sure of it. This also lends to family time and actively doing and making memories together.
3. You can launch them...once they are rotten or one of your kids just pulls off the top of it (happened twice people) you can launch them off a high point and all laugh at the explosion.
4. You can paint them...with melted crayons, finger paint or professional-ly (is that a word? Sorry english teacher mom! I'm making you proud). Again you are together, covered in paint, perhaps, but the memories...the best.
5. They can guard your home...when placed at the door of your home those carved/painted/exploded pumpkins can guard your home from...crickets...(this post has quickly gotten out of hand).

So go get some pumpkins...and be together.

Adventure and Wonder,

kanakuk ashley robbins
Fall means summer is coming...Come to Camp! 

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