Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Wednesday Rewind...

Hey Kanakuk Friends,
I'm 33...almost 34. It's been almost 12 years since I graduated from The University of Arkansas. Go Hogs! In so many ways I feel like it was yesterday...but in most ways it feels like a lifetime ago.

For the staff from Kanakuk that read this blog...this is probably mostly for you. You have been on my heart. I think of each of you small groups from summers, the leadership teams, the programs girl that is dear to my heart...I think of college gals often...and pray often.

I guess my heart and message is this...BE MORE. Don't hear me wrong right off the bat. Don't do more...or try and be all...or even know more. BE more. Be more of who your Creator made you to be. BE the one that stands out. BE a voice for those that have none. BE Jesus to your classmate that is hungover from the night before. BE okay with just being. It's amazing that college has changed in so many ways, just like high school for that age group. But in so many ways it's exactly the same. We all want to be different but don't want to stick out in those differences. For me, I pray often that your difference would be how you show Jesus, His love, His compassion, His life to every person you interact with...professors, deans, friends, sorority sisters, boys you date and boys you don't date. BE MORE of who He has made you to be.

Don't let college be about Patagonia furry jackets, leggings and the newest monogrammed clutch...let it BE MORE.

Adventure and Wonder,

kanakuk ashley robbins
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