Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Books for YOU...

This is a comment from a mom that I wanted to answer. I am no reading maniac but here are some of my favs. Some are serious, some fiction & fun...hope it helps!

"I wonder if you would consider an addition to your blog that is related to these articles. I would love to see you add an "Ashley's Favorites for Teens Reading List". My daughter and I have an extreme challenge finding wonderful reading material for her. She is 14 and reads at a college level. It seems impossible to find appropriate material, subject matter, etc. She frequently defaults to a younger reading level because she doesn't care to read about the topics that popular culture currently deems appropriate for her age. Hope you can help!(for boys too...mine is 16.) We both love your blog! Thanks for all you do for our kids!!!!"

All Time Favorite Christian Fiction Books:
(2 Covers for Redeeming Love...same book! Incredible. I read this during Finals Week my junior year of college. Needless to say, I did not do so hot that semester on finals...oops!)These are a 3 book series by the same author, Francine Rivers. Trish Helsel introduced me to this series and it is the most challenging book I have ever read outside of the Word. It's about gladiators, love, grace, Roman Empire, etc. It's awesome!This is a 14 book series about the Baxter Family. It is set in Bloomington, IN and when I went to Bloomington on Kanakuk Movie Trail...I wanted to go meet the Baxters. I had to quickly remind myself THEY ARE NOT REAL PEOPLE! The office girls at K2 got hooked on all these books this summer. Books that I Own b/c I know the Message is Good but have Not Read Yet:

Books for PARENTS:
A Book I came across that I want to read:Hope this helps...what if we had a K2 KOMO Book Club?! hehe...jk!

reading impaired, Ashley Robbins


Anonymous said...

I LOVE all the Karen Kingsbury books you put up, you really can't go wrong with anything by her. Some of my other fave's of her's are Even Now and Ever After, as well, as the 9/11 series which I think Is One Tuesday Morning, and two other books with similar type titles. I also wanted to recommend a book I read around my freshman year of highschool that was AWESOME! It really helped me to take a strong stand for my purity. It is called "And the Bride Wore White" by Dannah Greesh. She is just totally open with you about the struggles she went through and trys to help you avoid mistakes she made. If you journal along with it like she asks you to, it is a really powerful adventure! ANyway. I vould talk about more books all day--but just wanted to tell you thanks and I LOVE YOU!

Anonymous said...

I also LOVE the Karen Kingsbury 9/11 series. I am not a big reader but I really got into these books and enjoyed reading them for summer reading. They are a great series and I think that if you don't like to read try these books because I really enjoyed them and I recommend them to everyone! Love you Ashley!

Anonymous said...

ok so im in love with karen kinsbury and reedeming love is AMAZING!! i read it at kamp this summer. another really good one is The Shack by William P. Young. and an amazing book is Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult enev though its not Christian its SO good!! and i think a book club is a good idea to be honest!! im always looking for new christian books to read and i love to talk to others about them!!

DrRick said...

You may find my recent book as uplliment to these passages. See theyawningchurch.com or the video at christian.com/view_video.php?id=2139

laurel said...

K2 KOMO book club now....k2 boarding school later :)

Love you Ashley!!

briana.e.e said...

Oh my goodness Ashley!
Those Baxter Family books-I've been reading them for awhile now. They are so encouraging and I just finished the LAST one! AAH.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ashley! I am almost done with Set-Apart Femininity and it is the best Christian book I have ever read! I has challenged me and encouraged me in life-changing ways!! Lol it made me realize I wasn't crazy!