Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas is NOT about gifts....

But I just had to share with all my friends that came to my aid on the Uggs debate....

(from my parents, not my husband ;) he is still firm in his dislike!

I hope each of you had an awesome Christmas! Shay and I have had a great time in Cabot, AR with my family! I will put more pics up soon! Sure miss ya'll! Christmas always makes me think...okay, now K2 Summer 2009 is half-way here! 

Happy New Year,
a. robbins

above pic: me with my uggs, new coffee mug (well, hot cocoa and tea b/c I hate coffee), and NYC knock off purses (my mom got them in NY for fakes!). 


Unknown said...


We have the same background for New Years! That is fun.
Hope to see you soon.

Anonymous said...

Are they real or fake Uggs? i love my fake Uggs... i still don't understand why Shay doesn't like them!

Anonymous said...

Hey Ashley!!! i loooove those fake purses! i have one just like them from NY too!

Anonymous said...

oh my...ashley...i got those exact same uggs too for christmas!!!!!!!...i LOVE them!!!!