Monday, December 22, 2008

These are a few of my favorite things (CHRISTMAS edition)...

1. Christmas Lights...color ones, white ones, tacky ones, and bright ones.
2. Christmas family grew up with 2 trees. 1 for the adult room with white lights, etc and the 2nd tree for the kids with color lights and all the coolest ornaments.
3. Christmas Eve Candlelight Service.
4. Matching Christmas PJ's. (disclaimer: the family below are people I do not know but just found on google images.)
5. Stockings hung over the fireplace. My stockings were always stuffed with FRUIT! Wooohoo!
6. I STILL BELIEVE IN SANTA CLAUSE. Okay, I don't as far as like for real, but I do as far as just for fun thoughts! (did that make sense at all?)
7. Fireplaces with real wood. I love love love fire! (that sentence sounds like I'm a pyro when said all by itself)
8. Hot Cocoa!!! Yummy yummy yummy!!!!!
9. Christmas Movies...all time favs for me are Miracle on 34th Street and oh, who am I kidding I can't pick favorites!
10. Wrapping Presents...okay, not that we have tons of presents but I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE (ahh, that made me think of Kanacupid) wrapping stuff. I always ask all my friends if they need me to wrap gifts for them. i love it!
11. Those fun stocking caps that pull over your ears and have little balls at the end (this pic is not a great one of the type of hat I'm envisioning in my head).

12. Nativity Scenes...I love seeing all the nativity scenes of Christmas. I know some are tacky and cheesy and "geographically" wrong (people get all up in arms cuz they put wise men in the nativity and they didn't come until picky :) but I love them. The Willow Tree nativity is my favorite and i love how each time it amazes me that the God of the Universe sent his son as a tiny baby to earth. I always think about Mary and how scared she must have been yet in scripture she says "I am the Lord's servant...may it be to me as you have said." She had such abandoned trust in the God of Israel. Why can't I have trust like that...even in the small things I sometimes struggle?


Anonymous said...

Christmas is so much fun and it always puts people in a better mood. When i was looking at your top things of Christmas I noticed that the hat you had on there is the same one the boy i babysat today had on. haha. i love those types of hats too. Have a wonderful Christmas!! Love, Mackenzie

Anonymous said...

haha Ashley I loved that. :) Thanks for being so peppy! I love your blog. :) Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

OH Ashley!!! How i love you and miss you oodles upon oodles! I love getting to read what you have to allow =) You are such a light and it is an encouragement to all!!! I love love love you!!!!!

Anonymous said...

That's awesome!! Merry Christmas Ashley! (and everyone else looking at her O-mazing blog!)

hillary newth said...

ok so im being super stalkerish right now as i lazily lay in my bed, so THAT is why i am commenting on a post from a couple months ago! Hahah, but i just had to tell you that I AM A BELIEVER OF SANTA CLAUSE!!! not for really but you know. A bunch of my friends never even grew up believing?!!? isnt that sad! haha but anywho. cant wait for summer 09'!!