Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hey Friends,
Well, goodness, this little duck below is what I feel like today...but in a fun way! I have been a total texter, crazy caller, fanatic facebooker, and excited emailer trying to hunt down 200 staff to see if they are coming back to K2 this summer. And naturally, most are!! Wooohoo!!! Trish and I have been running up our minutes and texting limits like mad women! But it's so fun! This means that summer is really really almost here! This next week we go into our "draft." Draft is what we call our hiring process. It's a full week and we go through every single application! It's nuts but oh-so -fun!
We do all the madness so we can get our K2 staff back, basically the best in the whole world, and then hire more unbelievable new gals! It's so fun! You all want my job don't you...yikes, I better pay Trish my paycheck so she doesn't fire me to hire you all! :)

Gotta go text some more,
A. Robbins

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seriouslymere said...

i just want you to know that i've been to 3 basketball games here in tulsa where k-2 ladies are hoopin it up homegirl just like that for the teams! i get to watch Hunter Brothers and Katy Preaus for their school here in Tulsa...but I've also seen on opposing teams: Beth Knight, Peyton Maddox, and Lauren cool to watch these girls on the court use their k-2 skills! : )