Thursday, February 19, 2009

I HAVE NOT seen HSM3...


Yikes, this could cause some of you to gasp for oxygen, spit your coke at the computer screen, and scream...."Noooooo." Ya'll I don't know what happened or how it happened but I still have not seen HSM3. I know that you all thought Sharpay was basically me from my rendition of her in K2 Musical...but alas, I have fallen in my High School Musical obsession by not seeing HSM3 in theatres...and I have fallen again by not rushing out today (on the release date of the DVD) to go buy the extended version.

No fears, I'm going to try and go buy it next week. Shay and I are out of town in HOUSTON (Houston friends, he is speaking at a church on Sunday...COME) and so I'll have to wait till next week. I really can't wait! I already purchased the album on iTunes...and you wanna know a secret. I'm totally in love with the song "Can I have this Dance?" Ashley Robbins now equals weird, dorky girl! I'm 28 and I love HSM 1, 2, & 3! Oh, well, I might as well be real about it!

This blog post is random...just all I could think of today!

Oh, yeah, I chopped like 8-10 inches of my hair...i guess that's news! I have to go ahead and tell you I did not do Locks of Love, only out of ignorance. I didn't realize that was how much was coming off. I just thought it would be like 4-5 inches. Anyways, I'll try to get a pic up soon...

HSM Forever!
A. Robbins


Unknown said...

Ok, I want to see HSM 3 also. I didn't know it was out yet.
Second, your new background is so, so cute! Makes me want to switch mine.

Anonymous said...

your hair!!!! i can't imagine you without your beautiful flowy hair! but i bet it looks great. put up a picture!