Saturday, February 21, 2009

That Girl...

Hey friends,
Well, I'm in Houston at a very sweet family's house. Shay and I are staying with the Ireland family for 2 days because Shay is speaking at United Methodist Church tomorrow for a big youth rally deal. It's going to be a blast! Anyways, so we awoke at 6 am...packed for 1 night...hit the road...went to CHICK-FIL-A in Springfield (we don't have the marvelous Chick-fil-a in Branson)...then flew out at 10:15 am...arrived in Dallas for change of planes...arrived in Houston at 1:15...we are now at the Irelands just relaxing. And by we, I mean, ME. Shay went to go play Frisbee Golf with David Ireland and Michael Schwandt (2 K2 KUKs). 

With all that being said...I wanted to tell you about a new TV series I (and Shay but he might not admit it) ABSOLUTELY LOVE! It's called "That Girl" with Marlo Thomas. It's from like the 1950's, I think. My friend Jennafer White ( let me borrow it and we LOVE it. Shay and I don't have cable at our house and have committed a year to the Lord. So we do watch lots of movies and dvds. Anyways, this show is clean, innocent, HYSTERICAL, and just good. Shay got so sick of turning his head and closing his eyes that we just cut off cable but I think the reason he likes this show is because it is funny and it is clean. 

Okay, but besides being good moral TV it is a riot! Ya'll you should rent it and just watch it. I think it would be a great mom/daughter date night or just if you have great girlfriends that like old TV shows. (moms, don't be upset that I said "old." :) 

I have now added them to my wishlist from's be honest by the time Shay and I have kids there is no way I'm going to let them watch anything from this day in age. Okay, that might be drastic but Shay and I are going to start collecting "older" movies and TV shows...such as:

1. The Cosby Show
2. Little House on the Prairie
3. That Girl
4. Top 100 Classic Movies
5. Top 100 Family Classic Movies
6. Disney Movies (any and all)

Moms, know of any others we should have in our arsenal? Well, that's my ramblings for now...

That Girl,
Ashley Robbins 


Anonymous said...

Full House is a good one

Anonymous said...

I Love Lucy is pretty good! (there is some smoking, but it's the 1950s, so if you can get past that it's really good!) But probably more for 8+, they'll probably get the humor better!

Berg said...
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Berg said...

Anne of Green Gables and the Get Smart TV series are good ones.

Anonymous said...

One of my all time favorite TV Series is 'The Walton's'! I absolutely love them! It's not that funny but it really is a wonderful old television show!