Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Job of a Kanakuk Director...

I got this email this morning from a great friend/kamper! It made me laugh so I thought I would share it. Sorry, I have not been a great blogger this week. Trish and I have been hiring literally all week long for the BEST KANAKUK K2 STAFF FOR 2009!!!

"Ok so really random!!! but here is like 20 reasons I really want your job lol!!!
1. I love Jesus and your job has a lot of Jesus in it!!
2. I really really like public speaking and I think of speech topics all the time!!!
3. You get to be crazy and yourself all the time
4. You are at Kanakuk!!! the best place on earth
5. You get to have like 500 best friends
6. You get to make peoples world/ day everyday!
7. I love high schoolers and they always have a story to tell!!
8. Its in Branson!!!/Lampe
9. You get to wear costumes to work and I love dressing up!!
10. I love sports!!
11. You can drive boats and blob
12. I can help make 2 weeks or a month the best of someones life!!
13. You get to wear one peice swimsuits!!
14. You get to have an awesome leadership team!!
15. You get to live in really cool cabins!!
16. I really like coming up with crazy ideas and you get to share them with others
17. You get to love on people all day
18. YOu make a huge impact on others lives
19. You get to go to a party like every night in the summer!!
20. You get to eat really really yummy food!!
so that was my randomness of what I was thinking !!! so pretty much you have the coolest job ever and that was all!!!"

This gal could have my job someday...AND SHE WOULD BE AWESOME AT IT!

p.s. anyone else out to steal my job...i'm going to create an excel document! hehe, jk!
p.s.s Please don't anyone think that I am leaving K2. I am not and my job is pretty secure, unless Joe sees pics of Kana-Cupid! JK! :)

Kamp loves ya'll...and so do I!
A. Robbins

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Anonymous said...

ashley you need to come to my rescue i have not gotten my kamp video yet and neither has my lil brother