Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Do you have the NEXT GREAT SKIT for K2...

Hey Girls,
Shay Robbins, the McHubby, is doing a AWESOME give-away on his website if you think you have the next great skit character/idea in your creative brains. Just go to www.shayrobbins.org to get all the details.

I just love love, (typed in the Cupid voice from the summer)

p.s. Kana-cupid was one of my most fav skit characters in the 10 summers I have been at K2! What are some of ya'lls favorites from your years?


Unknown said...

and whenever you were the cute little rock star girl for "gem" time. (i think thats what it was called...that was forever ago)

Maddie said...

This is really random Ashley, I was just re-reading old posts and I noticed the picture in this post. You're holding a ukulele, I have that EXACT one! Mine has palm trees on it and says Hawaii (Not sure if it says that or not cause it's cut out of the picture. But Just thought you'd like to know a random fact.

Can't wait til June 1st! Gahh! The excitement awaits!