Monday, March 9, 2009

I am Second: Jason Castro...

I love American Idol...tons! I found these "I am Second" Videos on YouTube. Wow!!! Pretty unbelievable! I love the simplicity and the authenticity of this video. It's a room, them, and their voice. Girls, you aren't alone. The awe of the power of the Lord someday will be seen and heard by every ear and every eye.

"All of life is getting to know God..." ~Jason Castro

Love ya,
A. Robbins

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seriouslymere said...

i think this has been my favorite of all the IAMSECOND videos out there! i've seen the billboards a lot...especially while driving through dallas one time. quite a neat thing that's happening here...and even cooler that Jason uses this platform to profess the name of Christ and share that with others--awesome! : )

ps--i'm an american idol fan too...i may need to hear your favs from the 13...