Thursday, March 5, 2009

Why we all want to be GABRIELLA MONTEZ...

I have been dreaming of this article since I watched HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3. I am going to expose myself to you all for a second...I am 28 years old, married to an amazing man of God, and I ABSOLUTELY 100% LOVE ALL 3 HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL Movies. I know it's nuts! I know they are cheesy! I know the acting is not out of sight! BUT I LOVE IT! I don't know if it's because I do high school ministry that I love it because I give myself the excuse of staying trendy with what you all love/watch/listen to/etc.

I have tangoed with this realization of "Ashley, why do you love it?" I wanted to share my answer:

1. I love it b/c all of us want (or for older folks...wanted) High School to be this movie. We wanted to find a best friend, break out of the box that we put ourselves in or had others put us in...we want to be in High School Musical. It's the dream High School experience. Everyone breaking the status quo and if you are a nerd, it's cool b/c Troy Bolton's girlfriend is on the science team. We want this. I can in a second tell you the boy that was like Troy Bolton in Cabot High School. It's so easy (I totally can't type his name b/c ya'll what if he found this or something...creepy). But the difference is that the boy that I think of as Troy from my high school...wasn't Mr. Smooth and wasn't nice to everyone. High School Musical simply is the high school we all dream to be a part of...dancing in the cafeteria and all!

2. Okay, when I say all, please don't get all crazy and comment to me that you have no desire to be Gabriella. To be honest, even if you type that I probably won't believe you. Again, I'm 28 and I want to be her in the movie (I know that Vanessa had some shady pics come out of her last I'm talking about the character not the real person here). She brings a whole school together to be friends and to really be "all in this together." She finds her soul mate in Troy and is his refuge and falls in love to the point that they follow the "person that inspires" him and goes to college exactly 32.7 miles away (is it weird that I know that's the line Troy says). She dances on roofs and sings while pushing her hand through Troy's hair. Girls, you know that you envision these moments for your prom invitation. But alas, it's just not real. It's a movie Ashley! Bummer! I wish the movie could be a reality that there are high school boys like Troy Bolton. And maybe there are when it comes to sweetness, confidence, and looks. But sadly girls, Troy Bolton came with a finely tuned script that writers studied over for weeks, maybe months, of the best lines to make girls swoon over during each movie. In high school proms today instead of waltzing you get grinding and instead of sweet gestures you get suggestive pressure to do more. I guess more than anything I just want you to know that I'm sorry that the boys around you can't be more like Troy, Chad, and the rest of the gang. I know Prom is coming up for some of you...maybe you haven't been asked, maybe you have...either way know that Prom is so fun, but it is not the biggest thing in eternity (I'm sure some moms are saying AMEN with the pressure of Prom and the cost). Just a little story: my junior year, I had to ask a boy to prom...and girls, it was not a fun prom at all! Super awkward! I'm cringing as I type it! Too much hair poof, pantyhose, danced with my date 1 time...eeewwweeeyy!

Okay, so why do I type these weird ramblings...well, I guess I just wanted to simply remind you that high school will probably never be like High School Musical...tear...and I don't necessarily know if there is a spiritual lesson in these ramblings except maybe what kind of legacy will you leave on your high school, on your friends, on your classmates...what will you do in the last 16 minutes (get it...) of your time of influence on so many peers that need to see Christ in You.

So...I sort of made that a spiritual tye-in. Sort of...more than anything I hope this makes you laugh or mock me or join with me in my obsession of HSM3!

p.s. Favorite cheesy line: "I love you Wildcat"...oh Gabriella!
p.s.s. This is just a fun post, I know there are great guys that are high schoolers.
p.s.s.s. I want Shay and I to learn the waltz on the rooftop...wouldn't that be so fun! I'll let you know if I talk Shay into it...

HSM forever,
A. Robbins


Shay Robbins said...

no roof top waltzing for the robbins family...the closest you will get is dancing a jig or cutting a rug or sizzling the dance roof top waltzing i am putting my foot down.

Unknown said...

lol Shay. i got my dad to ballroom dance with me, and he hasn't danced since he and my mom got married.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ashley! I love HSM too...even though where I go to college people don't really...
My prom is this year (I'm a dual-credit home school student, so I get to do college AND this HUGE home school prom, 900 people). There is not only a strict dress code but a behavior code as well...and about 75% of the music is meant for traditional dances such as waltzes, foxtrots, swing, rumbas, etc. etc. Then about 20% is line/group dances with only about 5% being free dances, even then in moderation. And it is so much fun! I wish that that was the norm for all schools. My dad (like the MacKenzie's) hasn't danced since my parent's marriage, but he waltzed with me at one of the lessons this past week.
(And I can say that I imagine myself as Gabriella too sometimes, lol)
thanks for not making fun of a fantasy...and have fun convincing Shay!

Anonymous said...

HA HA this is so true I am in love with high school musical 3!! I bought it the first day!!!! it so so cute and yes I totally want to be Gabriella!! But it is definently not going to happen in my high school lol!! But Shay you guys should totally waltz that would be so so cute but you have to sing while you are dancing lol