Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Great site for your Kamp Swimsuit...

Hey friends,
Well, today I thought I would blog about swimsuits. I am starting to think of ordering one because of the bump that daily, and I do mean daily, is getting bigger and bigger with little Baby Robbins! Last year a great kamper, although I can't remember who told me about this site but I know she was a great kamper, showed me It's like great brands but better prices. It's awesome! They have the normal blue, black, and red speedos...but then they have really cool designs. The have over 400 "competition swimsuits" that are perfect one-pieces for Kamp. Once you go to the main web-page then click competition swimsuits and there ya go...400 to choose from (I lied, some of them are 2 pieces...don't do those, not that they are bad but modest is hottest at Kanakuk!). Have fun shopping!!! Not sure which one I'm going to purchase but I know it will need to be a bit bigger than normal...I'm going to be a whale by July if this keeps up!

I love K2 pool fun-n-sun (everyone take this class and I'll get to hang with you!)
Kanakuk Ashley Robbins

p.s. my computers acting up so I had more pictures of other bathing suits from the site and it won't let me check out (i should get paid by them for advertising...:) Once you get to the page, click women's swimwear, then competition swimwear for the one pieces.


Anonymous said...

I'm starting to gather my stuff for kamp and I'm having trouble finding good tank tops. Most of the ones I see are really tight and have thin straps. Any suggestions?

Ashley Robbins said...

not sure if you will check back but I just recently bought great tanks from old navy...i'll blog about it. thanks!