Monday, May 11, 2009

The "thing" for Ashley Robbins is...

(senior picture pose in front of the washer pit at K2...i'm 28 and taking senior pics is still hysterical!)
Well, friends, there you have it! Like it or not I will be sporting a hair bow each and every day at K2 this summer. I have some small ones, big ones, and some size of my own head ones! So girls, get out your hair bows from 5th and 6th grade (or from a month ago for some who love hair bows) and bring them to kamp this summer. It's sure to be a hit...well, even if it's not a hit, I'll be wearing them!
MOMS/Daughters/Random folks on this site: If you have any bows that are no longer being used I would love any donations. The bigger the better. You can mail them to the Kamp address:
Ashley Robbins
Kanakuk Kamps
1353 Lakeshore Drive
Branson, MO 65616

Hairbow-wearers unite,
Kanakuk Ashley


Kelly Adams said...

bahaha this makes my day. i'll send you some...wish i could sport them alongside you!

Ashley Nicole said...

awe yay!! bows! i have an obsession with them! my favorite thing to do is go to Hobby Lobby and buy a buch of random ribbions and tie them myself and put them in with a bobby pin!

seriouslymere said...

many girls from tulsa will enjoy this summer trend.

i have a terrible childhood memory captured forever in an elem school yearbook while wearing a large hair bow; thus, i will encourage all but myself to jump on the bow-wagon.

ps--can you and i have schedule "blog time" for a class every now and then? haha

Brittany said...

Absolutely awesome! I only wish I couldbe there to wear them with you!!