Friday, May 15, 2009

Tank Tops for Summer...

this is one I pink!!!
this is one from Old Navy's website...i think they are called "long layering tanks"

Hey girls,
Well, I can tell that summer is coming because I am getting lots of questions from staff and kampers! Oh, I just can't wait for you to get to K2!!! Okay, so I gave you a great place to go to get a bathing suit for kamp and now we tackle tank tops. I have recently bought 2 very cute tanks from Old Navy. In Branson, they were like 2 for $10.00. Great deal! I love the ones from Old Navy because I layer them (2, usually a white underneath and a color on top) and they are longer than most tanks! Which is a plus. The straps on these are fine...we just don't want the spaghetti straps! Hope this helps some of you!
Shopping Guru,
Kanakuk Ashley

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Molly Weisgarber said...

I just had the crazyest dream and you were the focus!!!

I cant tell you how weird it is getting up going to "big kid" work..wearing my high heals...and black pants...instead of long nike shorts...with a random hair-style...laughing and yelling Kickapoo all day long!

I am thinking and praying for you all daily and praying that next summer I can just LIFE it! :) And Mr. Nick would be able to finally come too because he would be done with Football!!!

Rock out those hair bows and hope Cupid makes an appearance every now and then. I love you and miss you sooo much!!!!

but ps....guess who is coming to Ohio this weekend? LINDSEY CANNEDY!!! HALLA!!! so i get a little taste of camp hehe:)