Thursday, June 11, 2009

June 10 in Pictures...

Here are some fun pics from June 10th. We had soccer competition between the Kiowas and Kickapoos and I'm actually not sure who won...

Picture of the Day
Volleyball gals working on their skills!

Great picture of sweet Chloe cracking up as she learns how to ballroom dance at the Senior Citizen Shindig...

I love this picture! Think of hundreds of kids dressed just like this for this party. Oh, I just laughed so much! 
Again, I love catching kids in just pure laughter!!! Love it!


Unknown said...

Is there someone doing a boys K2 blog? Your blog is great, but I have a son at K2 in session 2!

Just wondering,,,

Cindi Filer

Unknown said...

Oh, and you can reach me at